Monday, April 12, 2010

Until My (Next) Dyeing Day

I love dreaming and making plans. with two art shows coming up, I am truly enjoying figuring out what to make and sell. Also, I have this yarn I alpaca lace (doesn't that sound dreamy?) to make the Whisper Cardigan. I played around with dyeing it...mostly green with a little red in there. It's brighter than it was so sunny out today when I snapped the picture.

Truly, I have no business casting on for another project or starting something before I get all the other somethings done. But such is spring, eh? I am merely responding to an ancient, primal call to (re) bloom all over, to plan, to create. All the white blossoms falling around me and the birds chattering loudly...they are my benediction to go forth and sing the gospel of spring. And so, I indulge in the pleasure of starting way more than I can possibly hope to finish.
It has been so hot here in Kentucky. I love dyeing when it is hot. I do a form of sun dyeing, you could say. I heat the dyestuffs on the stove, but instead of simmering them there, I turn off the stove, cover the pots, and leave them in the hot, hot sun. They are kept quite hot out there, and the sun does all the work, and I reduce my electrical usage. I have been trying the Greener Shades dyes. So far, I am not in love with them, but maybe with practice I'll be happier.

I love talking about my dyeing days. I will probably dye until my dying days. I will probably be blogging on any dyeing day, and on my dying day. You will hear about it every time someone here dyes.
(please forgive the bad puns...they are like chocolate...I truly can't stop myself.)
Well, enough of that. On the parenting front, several experiences have occurred where I did not know what I thought I knew, and that has left me truly humbled. I am taking that as a sign that I need to observe more, talk less; respond instead of react. Those are always good mantras to adopt.


  1. It is great that you love what you do so much, it shows in your art. cheers Marie

  2. Angie, so much truth here, especially about listening more with your kids. I need to do that, too.

    Your yarns are simply amazing.


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