Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Happy Easter

Easter started out just fine. My parents were in town, and I woke up feeling much better. Saturday had brought me a stomach flu, so I missed out on all the family festivities that day. But glorious Easter...a good day to plant....

We colored eggs.....

And went hiding them at the farm....and finding the ones Gus the dog did not eat.

Gus is VERY affectionate!
Oh, and the dress. It's one of the Big 3 patterns...I am unsure as to which since I cut it out oh, 3 years ago after I got the fabric. The fabric has a story. It was purchased on a trip to New York City I took right before a music conference at Sunbridge College. It was the first, and only, solo trip I have taken as a mother. I rented someone's couch off of Craig's list for my lodging arrangements. I had 3 goals for my two days in the Big Apple: run the 6 mile loop in Central Park (I thought that would be a good way to get a "feel" for the people of NYC, as opposed to the subway), eat at Quintessence, my most favorite restaurant in the whole world (it's raw), and wander the fabric district. I did all that, and found this super-cheap yellow cotton eyelet and the ribbon too. Even though I cut it out that long ago, it fits her. I just eliminated the seam allowance and did most of it on my serger. I had every intention of finshing sweet smocked clothes for each of the littlest ones, but Plan B is pretty sweet in my opinion.
I think you will see some sewing around here...I get to make bridesmaid dresses for my brother-in-law's wedding. Thankfully, there are only 2 bridesmaids, and it will hopefully cause me to finish all the ufo's.
Spring...beautiful spring!!!


  1. That's a gorgeous dress! I do need to learn how to use a sewing machine. We planted too this weekend. Friday. Planting by the signs.

  2. What a beautiful dress and a beautiful sunshine yellow child to fill it. cheers Marie

  3. A wonderful spring post! I love the dress, the stitched down pleats, the yellowness...
    Beautiful eggs, beautiful garden!

  4. OK, I am having *such* trouble leaving a comment here, my goodness, but here's to hoping it works this time!

    Your garden plot is so beautiful, I would love to know more about how you did that; how are the logs secured and so on? So amazing.

    I'm also extremely impressed by your running the loop in Central Park. :)

  5. Stephanie,
    Because we live in town, someone is always doing tree work, and, a couple of years ago,we had two ice /wind storms within about 7 months of each other, so wood was plentiful. He man husband dragged those logs from a neighbor's house and arranged them in a rectangle. That's it. No securing, and after years of grass clippings and raked leaves the soil is wonderful. We have added compost to the garden too.
    My running game is sad these days, but central Park was lovely.

  6. Lovely dress. I love it when you find a use for something you had around the house for so long

  7. Oh, that yellow dress and the forsythia in full bloom are the very picture of spring!! Lovely.


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