Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm gonna write a book

The serious ideas: a book about felting exclusively using your washing machine
                           a book of Waldorf knitting patterns and verses to accompany them (which will probably be a self-published e-book coming out in May or most likely June)

The semi-serious ideas:
               Chicken Soup for the Sanguine Soul (stories of triumph over convention)
               Chicken Soup for the Melancholic Soul (stories of triumph through great suffering)
               Chicken Soup for the Phlegmatic Soul (stories of triumph and comfort)
               Chicken Soup for the Choleric Soul (stories of just plain triumph. And conquest.)
               How To Succeed in Slacking Without Really Trying (my husband thinks this should be a blank book)
My new series of how-to blog posts, involving only things I REALLY excel in:
                How To Never Apologize For Your Messy House (ok, I'm not really good at this but I wish I were, and the topical research for this blog post will surely enlighten me)
               How To Teach Your Children the Difference Between Clean Clothes and Dirty Clothes (hint: the ones your child just threw on the floor because you decided not to wear them are clean and this must be repeated ad infinitum or ad nauseum, whichever comes first)
               How to Move To Your Next Task Without Finishing the First One (VERY tricky)
               How To Effectively Avoid Housework (it's not as easy as it first appears)
               How To Forget Everything You Apparently Only Thought You Knew (It's a requirement for really is.)
               How To Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Could Be Doing Today (a form of loosely controlled procrastination)
               How To Deal With Old Food and Its Corresponding Insects, as Found In Your Teenager's Room
I'm sure there are more areas of expertise I can write about, but this will give me a good start.



  1. I love the book Angela!, the subject sounds great. And I like the not so serious ones too, Talk about serendipity, just yesterday I said to my son, I need to wrote a book, I feel it in me, lke now in the next year, though the topic is not so clear..our lives seem to be on parallel paths.

  2. Oh Angela, you are so funny, I am especially excited about the handwork books... (though I may wish that the felting book included a variety of the wet felting techniques that you are so great at...)
    I will be looking forward to the dirty clothes post also :)

  3. I'd like to reserve my copy of CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE MELANCHOLIC SOUL. Encouraging a melancholic like me. Good luck with that! :-)

    (This post did make me laugh, though.)

  4. You are a beacon of my inner self. It is good to know that I am not alone. I also would reserve a copy of the Chicken soup for the Melancholic Soul.

    I hope that you do write a book ... I know that it would be wonderful.


  5. These sound good to me. I can collaborate on how not to do housework if you need assistance.


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