Sunday, April 18, 2010


Do you ever wonder why people experience many of the same things at the same time? Or, at least it seems that way to me. Kind of like the Egyptian pyramids mirroring the South American pyramids.
I had that moment just now. I have been feeling a big old depression-flavored paragraph coming on, and have been noticing the melancholy in others. I read this this morning, and had to pass it along, because it explains so much.
I have had every intention of writing about walking the line between artist and mother. But I realize it is not usually the "mother" part that gets in the way of creating...the "mother" part, for me, can inspire the plants that miraculously thrive in sidewalk cracks and wall crevices. It's not is my self that gets in the own depressive ability to confuse creating with producing.
Reading about soultides has helped bring perspective to those thoughts.
Blessed Sunday!


  1. the link you gave offers an interesting Christian perspective on an ancient pagan beliefs. We recognise how our spirits cycle with the year, the moon, the other patterns of nature. It's good to see this understanding starting to come into Christianity too. :-) I hope your depression eases soon. I particuarly liked "my abilitiy to confuse creating with producing." This is a wonderful insight!

  2. Sarah, I've worked with Lynn Jericho for the past year and can say that her work encompasses paganism and beyond. It is the Cosmic Christ in Christianity not the religious institution of the Church that planted itself in and on pagan celebrations and co-opted them. Her work is very linspiring, healing and iberating; it'sabout human consciousness and development, not the Church. Work with Lynn involves the Sun cycles, the moon cycles, the planets and the cosmos. It is very creative and inclusive of all beliefs, and as Angie noted "Deepening." Warmly, Lisa

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the link. I guess I didn't really think of life that way and yet reading it really connected some dots for me.

  4. ah, the cosmic christ. how I love and honour him. thank you lisa :-) (I like your blog!) I will have to find out more about lynn jericho as what I've read here is very beautiful and inspiring.


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