Friday, April 30, 2010


Truly, it is a wonder I get anything "done" with the degree of crazymaking my life entails...even requires at times, but today I DID it. I CREATED. Inspired by a commission from a creatively supportive friend, I set about to create 3 animals, one of which was required to be a chicken (I read that as rooster.)
Furiously finishing this morning was no easy task, because I have kids, of course. Davis kept toddling into the road, Maddie kept refusing to get out of bed, and Serena kept saying things like "Davis has muffin sticking to the snot under his nose" and "Let's have a yard sale today, mama." You know, spontaneously throw together all our junk and haul it out to the front yard. We do yard sales that way even when we DO plan them. Magical thinking.
Anyway, here are the fruits of my efforts and someday I will have the camera skills to accurately portray my work. The animals turned out better than my photography did.
(he needed something to keep him from blowing away, hence the wrench)

By the way, Happy Oaks Day! Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby...hurrah for horses! It is truly a festive holiday around here, with at least a month-long celebration. Everyone can celebrate with Louisville by putting on a fine hat tomorrow.


  1. Oh they are lovely,I just love the rooster, great. cheers Marie

  2. Wow, this is awesome work! I *love* the red that you used for the rooster. Lucky friend you have!

  3. Those are all great, but I especially love the Rhode Island Red rooster. I saw it out of the corner of my eye, and thought it was real. Very cool.


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