Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Week of Felt TWO: Felted eggs with chicks

Have on hand: wool roving in assorted colors that please you but-you must have yellow, wooden eggs, soap and water
If you can, do find a wooden egg or a shape close to it. You will be so much happier with the process if you have wood to wrap your felt around....the wool sticks to the wood better at first, making it the perfect form for children. Plus, for me, I am trying to avoid buying more plastic, so plastic eggs are just not around.

Egg with roving.

Start wrapping like the felt will have some "extra" wool on the ends. Take that off and wrap it around the egg going the opposite way, so you have two layers that criss-cross:

You can also add strips of other colors at this point. Now, begin felting just as you would felt a ball:

When you are done, the egg will need to be cut out. Decide which way you want your egg to open: lengthwise or widthwise, and cut a slit almost the length of the egg. Take the wooden egg out, soap the now hollow egg form again,  and roll it between your hands, like a sausage. This "seals" the cut edge. Make 3 small felt balls out of the yellow fleece, and while they are wet, roll them into little pear shapes.  Allow to dry. Stitch eyes and beaks onto them. My beaks are simply a couple of French knots, coaxed into beak shapes. Add a little pillow of wool to the inside of your egg, and admire your chicks.

Don't let them go too far!

Oh, thank goodness, Mother Hen has them all safe and sound.

Sweet chickies!


  1. Oh my goodness, did you do that whole amazing little chick family in one afternoon?! They're adorable. I love your projects!

  2. That is so cute. And I love your header picture too. Amazing.


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