Thursday, March 11, 2010

Week of felt THREE: Four Seasons Tree

There are so many sites out there that show how to make a piece of flat felt. There is no need for me to "reinvent the wheel" so I am simply showing you, without many words of instruction, how I made a piece on a sunny day. The piece in question? A four seasons tree like the one in  More Magic Wool...only a little different. Wool can be added to make flowers, snow, blossoms, gnomes, fall leaves....what a great way to celebrate the turning of the seasons.                           
I use a yoga mat, white wool, light blue wool, and 3 different browns.
Laying out the wool in layers. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of adding the green to the ground or the blue to the sky or the tree. But after patient layering of colors, I have a basic tree.
We start to soak the wool with water and soap. Davis imitates everything I do!
I can even pat in the water with my feet!
Adjusting the tree branches
I place a piece of door screen on and rub soap on the screen. Then I massage that area with my fingers.
And also on the back
Then I roll the tree in the yoga mat.
Roll it, take it out and turn it 90 degrees, repeat until the east, west, south, and north have all been rolled.
Drying tree. It needs to be ironed and spring blossoms need to be added (picture tomorrow). We herald spring by watching the dogwood in our front yard and the neighboring dogwoods.


  1. So beautiful Angela! I have done mostly needle felting, but you have inspired me to so some wet felting again soon!

  2. Wow. That is beautiful. I have not tryied a welt felting project like this yet. I love your outcome.


  3. This is seriously amazing. I continue to be inspired!

  4. Wow. That is cool! Is it wrong for me to be jealous of your dogwood tree? It is such a great tree.


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