Monday, March 8, 2010

Springtime Preparedness Training

The weather of late, predicted to continue around here, has been so spring-like I am inclined to ready myself for the very things that are spring: being outside, spontaneous bursts of energy, plans on a whim. To prepare myself, I am packing the trunk of my car with the following items:
The baby backpack (spontaneous hikes)
the jogging stroller (spontaneous baby naps while the rest of us walk- or maybe I could run)
A blanket (for just about anything...knitting outside, picnicking, resting )
the picnic basket (packed also with a small knitting project)
extra rain pants, umbrella, and boots (because we never have them when we need them!)
Ball jars of nuts and dried fruit (self-explanatory)
Being prepared allows for greater flexibility of plans and I am determined to be prepared!
What would you pack for spring spontaneity???
(I have not forgotten felting-it's coming later. Two posts in one day can happen on one's day off!)


  1. Ah, yes, great idea. Definitely need to do something similar for our gang. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. My SouleMama picnic blanket that I made last fall. Some snacks. I'd like to get a harvest basket from Just Creations for a picnic/adventure basket.


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