Thursday, March 25, 2010

One Small Change update

Finally, I am getting to tellyou about my One Small Change, which is really 3 small changes. In January, I went "No-Poo". That is still going alright. I also stopped using paper diapers at night. I would use paper diapers at night, thinking it would buy this co-sleeping mom more sleep. But it really didn't...I have to face the facts that a.) I am not capable of bearing children who sleep a lot or b.) I have an incredibly low tolerance for nighttime crying or maybe a bit of both. So, the diapers were really a moot point anyway...why not save money and plastic and dive in feet first? That's just what I did. No sweat.
For my final change, I have been eyeing Renee's bulk bags, and since my mom gave me a couple of boxes of calico, I think some bulk bags are in store for me this month. I hope Renee does not mind me copying her :)
I hope to have a felt project tomorrow. The turn of the seasons has left everyone sick and crabby. The seasons turning always bring spiritual tasks and although this work is ultimately joyful, it can sometimes feel tumultuous. Those bulbs (tasks) really do have to poke and prod and force their way to the light. But ah...the sun is coming. I can feel it!


  1. I am sorry everyone is sick :( I hope you al get better soon. I have been wanting to make those bulk bags, too, they are great, aren't they?! :)

  2. Oh thanks Nicole! I'm glad to see you...your well wishes are taken to heart :)

  3. Wow Angie, I just want to give you a big "I hear you" on all counts!

    First, I'm dying to go "no-poo" and would love to hear more about what you *are* doing with/to your hair.

    Second, my babies do not sleep deeply and I also have a very low tolerance for their upset.

    Third, it has indeed been a strange beginning to the season; everyone sick, the weather fitful, projects starting and stopping.

    Here's to all of us finding our momentum, and most importantly, that you all feel better soon!

  4. This reminds me I need to update my One Small Change. Good for you on the cloth at night. It really can work out. I know too how it is to have children who don't sleep. (((HUGS))) I miss being able to use cloth.


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