Thursday, March 4, 2010

Next week's programming

I love being able to find a small space in a day...the kind of space we mothers get so little of...just a momentary lapse, a ceasing of activity, a breathing out. Dreams come to fill that space. I have so many dreams and ideas for projects. I want to submit ideas to more magazines and online and animals and stories. I want to handpaint fabric and use it for children's clothes. Spinning yarn. I want to paint...ever since I heard about the daily painter's movement. Not every idea or impulse will come to fruition, but it sure is lovely to feel "tapped in" and allow a daytime dreaming to come.
My therapist would say that daydreams are plans for our future. They do feel fuzzy and pleasant at first, and so far away. I hope I see some of these dreams come to be. I like to write down my dreams and make lists of plans.
How come I never dream of a clean house?
I just wanted to give a little blog update rather than go on and on about my mood du jour. I've been trying some new a table of contents. It hasn't really been effective yet, but I'm still going to give it a go to have an intention for my blog each week. Please stick around and be inspired to felt with me next week.
My etsy shop is being allowed to sleep for now (but I would be glad to entertain special orders). I intend to be at this festival, (bliss...fiber and local food in the same venue!) and want to have time to work on products to sell there and also take some Derby related items and yarn to this gallery.  And, that doesn't include the bees and the garden and lacrosse games and school events.
Should be a full, busy, creative spring!


  1. Angie, you are so inspiring. I'd love to see you write a book and share your many ideas and talents.

    LOVE the new blog header by the way. You are amazing!


  2. I hope you are successful with all of your daydreams!


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