Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Land of the Living

Well, yes, a little February lingers. February came late to me, it seems. I felt myself going "out"...out of sorts, looking outside myself...making other people responsible for *my* experience...feeling a disconnection and lack of engagement in the world.
Here, home, is where I have tools to ground myself. I can center and cope through living processes.
I set up a place for the hand grain grinder in my kitchen. This has been a quiet source of calm pleasure...the children can engage in "drive-by" grinding. I can sit, turn the handle, and gain a rhythm...and have a living outcome....flour for our muffins.

I teach 4 handwork classes, learn to identify with the struggles of the children, rejoice with them when they overcome challenges.
I set up a basket of uncarded wool in the living room. The hand cards are big for small hands, but I can sit and card while they play, offering a living picture for them to model. Their hands can come feel the wool, use it for the doll beds, or cooking, or take a tuft and crawl away.
I chop quietly in the kitchen, offering my breath to the cutting board, finding a slow, peaceful energy to surround our food with.
I go outside and savor the sun, savor my smiling son who doesn't rightly crawl, but scoots around. And he figured out how to climb stairs yesterday!
I settle into a knitting project. Or two.

Life is good here in the land of the living.
p.s. I just want to thank those of you who stop by here. Your presence is encouraging and I am grateful for you!


  1. Sounds like a lovely start to spring.

  2. I have to say...just reading your description I can almost feel the rhythm myself.

  3. How do you like your grain mill and what brand is it? We will be ordering one in the next week or so.
    Hope you are well!
    Warm wishes,

  4. What a neat grain mill! I've only ever seen electric ones. Where do you get your grain?


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