Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Handmade knitting notions

I do love making my own things....I am in love with the illusion of being able to make EVERYTHING. Of course I am not able to, but the thought keeps me inventive and resourceful and so I make what I can.
Here are a few fiber tools I have made:
Drop spindles. Everyone needs a pink drop spindle, don't you think? The pink one is a toy wheel , the other is a piece of walnut that was turned by a local woodworker.

Knitting needles topped with handspun.
Jeweled stitch markers and copper wire stitch holders.
I've also made fabric knitting needle holders and cozies but forgot to take pictures. However, you can go here for inspiration and a pattern or two.
What do you make for your making?


  1. Wow, these are all amazing, thank you so much for the inspiration

  2. We bought drop spindles a while ago, and then I wondered why, how strange that we did not just make them ourselves. We do have a few pairs of knitting needles we made ourselves. And I have all kinds of things I would like to make for our sewing space, pin cushions, needle books, we have an issue with loose pins and needles!

  3. love the little ball of white yarn topped needles. I too dream of making everything myself, but...you know how it goes, kids, life, convenience. One step at a time for me.


  4. Hey Angela, I wrote to you back about the felted chicks, not sure whether you got it or not.

    We are really excited to have them.

    Check your Spam though, maybe it's in there.

    hugs, Julia


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