Tuesday, March 30, 2010

check this out

These chairs via MadebyGirl.
In handwork classes at school, we often have these conversations that go something like this:
Children: I wonder if you could knit a house!
Me: I bet you could figure it out.
Children: We could knit everything!
And they make a long list of the things they can knit....dragons, horses, and now we can say chairs. I should write down some time the things they think of knitting.


  1. Hello, new to commenting on you blog so thought I should say hello first, have been peeking in recently.
    Love those chairs too.
    Did you ever hear about the knitted house that Alison Murray did in England in 2007 - verly lovely. Here's a couple of links to the story and pictures, perhaps the children will be interested in seeing them too.

    (2nd link is mainly photo tour)


  2. Dawn, thank you so much!! Glad you are peeking in and thanks for saying hello.
    Nicole, I know, right? I bet you could knit one :)

  3. Oh, very nice. If you take away the wood frame, it could be *all* knitted ...


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