Sunday, March 21, 2010

At Week's End

No matter how much of a canker sore the week can be, the weekend is like a whole tube of Carmex. Thank goodness we have the forgiveness of spring to transform winter dread into vernal joy.
No crafting this busy weekend...lots of time outside.
Also, sometimes I forget my mom reads this blog and she probably wants to see more of her grandchildren.
Here you go, Mom:
we went to Sweet Home Spun (link above under wool sources)
Yes, we eat and sleep in our car.
We picked flowers on the way home.

Next, Lacrosse games! It was tournament time. Number 24 is mine.

My oldest with my youngest.

Finally, an evening at my in-laws' farm.

Happy Spring!


  1. it looks like you had a wonderful time.

  2. I love that first pic -- hah -- so sweet, and so true!

    Your in-laws' farm looks pretty amazing. My kids are way into farm animals at the moment, so they would really go gaga for that experience. We do the best we can in the city!

  3. Weekends are certainly worth celebrating!
    Wishing you a wonderful spring season full of beauty and many happy days!
    With love, Renee

  4. Oh how much fun!! I loved your felt week!!! and I loved your poem and pattern in LC. My issue just arrived. XOXO

  5. yah! you got to see hte sheep! tell me if you go again!

  6. Love the pictures of your daughter snuggling the lambs! Do you ever come to the sheep farm in Finchville? Give me a call if you do, it's just a few miles from me.


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