Friday, February 12, 2010


Well, there has been a lot of creating happening around here. Still. Lest you think otherwise, I still have a wakeful baby, arguments with my husband, and the occasional meal out of a isn't all making stuff and singing cheerfully through our day like Julie Andrews. However, because I believe play is sacred and absolutely essential for children, I am going about celebrating my own adult playing. Children intuitively know how to's how they make sense of the world. And, children imitate what they see, the very gestures they experience in the adults around them go deep into their beings. How enriching for them if the adults in their life know/learn how to/re-learn/ re-member how to play. Then they have a context for their life's art.
This play is so deeply healing for me. I do not take you for granted, dear reader, and truly appreciate the space I have here to share.
And on with mom, who is an incredibly generous person, is warm, funny, and works at a nursing home as a hairdresser. I keep telling her she needs to write a book. Anyway, my generous mother got me some very cool gifts for Christmas, among them this book:

This book is so inspiring and energetic. I want to make everything in it. Before tackling the big projects, I made flowers. They start out as felted disks with a slit cut into them.
Then you roll them up and fashion flowers from them.

I'll be making more felt from this book for sure.
And, I've been knitting away, working on animal patterns for a planned e-book. I wanted to make lovebirds with lacy wings and tails, but just could not get the wings quite right. So, off with the wings; they keep their lacy tails, and went off to Serena's kindergarten teachers as a Valentine's Day gift. I have most of the pattern written out, and it only needs a teeny bit of tweaking.
Have a happy weekend! May you find love in unexpected places.

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  1. oooh
    This is what I was saying as I looked at your creations :) Lovely. I like what you have done on your blog too!


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