Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A New Hat!

Teens today. They are so funny. I do enjoy my teens, enjoy thoughtful dialogues with them, their sense of fun and drama, hearing their hopes and plans for themselves and the world, and good-humored hassling. I have always felt that I seldom see my teens....that once they enter high school, you have handed them over to friends and extracurricular activities. Which is why it is all too important to be their "rock" then and really hold good boundaries.
Teen behavior is quite a funny thing too. On Facebook, my daughter is "married" to her friend and has listed all her best friends as her siblings. And then there is the something I find especially funny, and that is, the way they take pictures. They take pictures of themselves, or of themselves with their friends, tongues hanging out, or of themselves in "Vogue" modeling stances. They are fun...do you remember yourself as a teen? We had Talking Heads, Michael Jackson, a young Madonna, Commodore 64, and no knowledge about the world without TV. They have Black Eyed Peas, Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift, and no knowledge of the world without the internet and cell phones. It's interesting to think of the culture our children are raised in, eh?
I definitely strayed, because really, the purpose of this post was to show the  new hat I made  for myself. And took yet another picture (or two) of myself in said hat. I guess you could say I "Vogued" like my teenaged girls do. I hope to get the pattern up on Waldorf Handwork this week, since it is a variation of the hat I have 5th graders knit.


  1. You "vogue," girl! :-) Awesome hat.

  2. Meant to ask you if you made that beautiful hat you were wearing at parent/child - just lovely!


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