Monday, February 15, 2010

The Metaphor Project

This is a little metaphor poem I've done at Blessingways, in parent-child classes, similar in face to something we did at faculty meetings years ago, something I've done whenever I could. I love the idea of creating together, of group art. I only just thought of using the power of the internet and fellow bloggers to truly create something together, using this process. So, here is the metaphor process for you to engage in....a chance to write together for mutual edification....a chance to create something engage in community.
While answering these questions, don't necessarily skim, but don't take time to think it right out of the realm of intuition either. Intuition is where we form the best inner pictures. Keep it flowing. At the end, when you have a reply, leave it in the comments. I am going to ask that you do so anonymously, in the spirit of oneness. However, leave your name on if you wish.
Take a moment to think of yourself as a mother (a parent). What are things you feel come easily to you? what do you wish were different about your relationship(s) to your children? What skills do you possess? Which ones are you learning or wish you could learn? What sorts of emotions do you feel in the presence of your child...about yourself...about your child?
Now, you may write these answers down.  Pinpoint one area of strength/weakness/emotion/skill and hold that in your hand for now. Take yet another moment and write down the first image from the natural world that comes to you....animal, plant, stone, element....whatever it is, hold it in your mind as a picture. What is it doing?
Now, make your statement as follows.  Starting with  "I", share your parenting insight in the form of a metaphor, using your picture from the natural world. If you want to start as a tree that is ok too....I just realized you don't have to start with "I". The idea is to create a series of  affirmative metaphors that we can share, collect into poem form, and draw on the strength of mutual experience. The whole poem could be an affirmation, and offer a sense of belonging for all parents.
I will begin and share mine. I was feeling overwhelmed and the first picture that came to my mind was that of a starfish clinging to a rock that is being washed gently in an ocean outlet. So, my statement (as of today, anyway!)would be:
I am the stone the starfish clings to as we are washed and rocked gently by the tide.
Is that clear as mud? Please email me ( if you have questions but still want to participate!
I warmly invite you to participate, and the collective responses will be posted as a poem next Monday.
I just opened up the anonymous "feature" so you can comment anonymously.


  1. I am the nourishing earth in which you, the acorn, are beginning to show signs of becoming a great being.

  2. Let me be your prism... shine your bright white light...see paths of many colors... all of them bright. You have chosen your journey and you are the light. <3

    Love & Light

  3. I am the supple Aspen tree, rooted in the earth, swaying gracefully through even the strongest of winds. My leaves dance and shimmer with the laughing caress of a breeze; my strong branches reach for the sky and support you...climbing ever higher.

  4. We ride the waves together, feel the breeze blow through each of us, soak up rays of sunshine over all of us, we grow together.

  5. waves of bliss wash our souls and the sun pulls us to shore. time to explore- i will follow.

  6. I am a tour guide in your life, leading you to the opening crack of a new book, the surprise of finding a fossil, the bliss of feeling the wind in your hair. Taking you behind the scenes of our family relationships, exploring the world with you and widening your circle of understanding.

  7. I am a lioness, roaring lonely, painful cries through the African Savannah. I am a lioness, roaring to protect her young from predators.

  8. I am the river flowing on a some times peaceful and some times chaotic journey through life/motherhood.


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