Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Mail

The mail around here has never been so exciting!!! I just received my spring issue of Living Crafts and my poem is on page 69! I'm published and not just for free on a blog!
They will be posting my knitting pattern for the lamb on their website...I imagine it will be available March 9th, which is the date the magazine is due to arrive on newsstands.
I know this is tall on shameless self-promotion, but man, I am excited!


  1. Congratulations!! How wonderful!

  2. Congratulations Angela! I just about finished my little brown sheep today, but got distracted sewing, and never sewed on the ears or tail. Tomorrow though. Chessa, who is still quite sick, fell asleep with it half finished in her hands yesterday.
    Excited for my issue of Living Crafts to arrive...

  3. Congratulations! That is exciting. And you're definitely allowed to promote yourself on your own blog!


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