Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just another snow day

What do you do when you wake up to this?

Squeal with glee and bundle up yourself and the kids (25 minutes) and take them on a sled ride around the yard (5 minutes).

Seeing those two on the sled like that just makes my heart sing. I could eat them up!
Then, you come in and start creating! Well, at least I do. And it's only 8 a.m.! Clearly, your hostess has had enough coffee already and it is time to stop.
It feels like a good day to finish up projects, so that is what I settle in to do. There is always the Valentine's day quandary to settle. What kind of valentines to make? This year, I was not lazy. Other years, yes. But this year, I had Serena paint on muslin instead of on watercolor paper.

Fabric was cut into hearts, I finished sewing the felt backings on this morning, and later we are going to stuff them with flax seeds and lavender.

A watercolor healing heart! If you've not seen these, they can be frozen or heated depending on the need. The colors are soothing, the smell is soothing. They are like the eye pillows you get at yoga class. Each child in Serena's class will get a healing heart, made with a little bit of both of us in it. They will last a long time and the project is a nice collaboration between parent and child. (a side note: for this project, I used cheap watercolors. The colors dried a lighter color, and are just what we wanted. See this post for more information about fabric painting with children.)
Next, I decorated. Yes! I did!  Last night, I made a heart garland and today I put it on the mantle. People assume that if one can draw a picture, one can surely decorate a house. Phhhtttt. That doesn't apply to me. I do try, but it just isn't my area of strength. I admire people who have a knack for putting together their homes. Nonetheless, I love this heart garland.

The garland was stitched on the sewing machine...cotton cord sandwiched between burlap and calico hearts.
Next, on to the smocking pleater. What a wonderful invention! This is a smocking pleater:

When you thread those needles, and turn the fabric by hand through the machine, the fabric is perfectly pleated and prepared for smocking.

See? Perfectly pleated, except I broke on of the needles and one row did not get pleated. But, no matter, I am creative enough to make it work anyway.
I have this dress in mind for Serena:

 And this for Davis, with long pants. Because just maybe, I will actually complete my Easter sewing before Easter.
Just for fun (wait a minute, isn't this whole blog just for fun?) here is a picture Serena drew. She asked me to put it on my blog. (One consequence of blogging for all of January is that my blog became part of everyday conversation in our house. "How's the blog going?" "What did you write on your blog today?" Ack! Does that mean I'm a "real" blogger now?)
You have to see this though. She drew around a face I had drawn (you can barely see it).
Marvelous, eh?
Cheers for snow days!


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