Friday, February 26, 2010

It is not a sweater, it is a journey

I wasn't always the mother of a college girl. When I dreamed of motherhood, I dreamed of all the nice things about babies, children playing, maybe chatty high school and then gainful employment. Somehow I skipped dreaming about the part where they actually leave home and come back in the summers or on weekends when their boyfriend drives them. Somehow I missed the part about it being a huge transition, and that our relationship would change, and through missing her presence every day, I would get to see her through new eyes. I stand in awe of who she has become, of who she is becoming. It is true, so true, that although you catch glimpses of yourself in who they are, your children belong wholly unto themselves.
I wasn't always a knitter. Oh, I knew how to knit well enough, but I was more in love with sewing and spinning than knitting.  So, I must confess that the knitting passion did not reach me until 2 years ago, while pregnant with Davis. And now, an announcement. (drum roll please)
After 8 years as a handwork teacher, I HAVE MADE MY FIRST SWEATER. Oh yes...I have become a knitter now. This sweater was hard-wrought. I planned it for Brianna. The sweater I ended up making her was not the sweater I started out with. In fact, I cast on for the Wrenna ten days before Christmas, thinking that the bulky yarn and size 17 needles would get me through. I started out knitting a Liesl, beginning in November, which is a respectable time to start a Christmas present. I knitted that to the armholes and realized it would not fit her, but it would fit me, so I set it aside.
Of course, I could barely finish anything the week before Christmas, so it remained unfinished, along with a couple of other unfinished knitting projects. I could not pay attention to it, yet I managed to finish it completely in January. I ripped out the WHOLE THING and started again. Yarn is so forgiving!
I knitted on, determined to make a sweater for this daughter of mine, dreaming into the stitches about her and her life now and who she is.
Last week, I finished. And, I got to take it to her on a weekend where she was the star of the show, where I got to hear how she is finding her voice in her singing, and hear about her standing ovation the night before.
 Every sweater has a story...ask any knitter. This sweater's story is a journey of dreams dreamed and plans planned, of unexpected unravelings, deliberate wanderings,  and alternate endings. It all works out in the end.

Isn't she cute?


  1. That's a beautiful cardigan. The colour really suits her. Well done! And well done to your girl, too.

  2. Love it! Well done Mama! And I love your thoughts about it too <3

  3. What a beautiful sweater! I think any daughter would be proud to have it.


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