Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Finding Your Voice

Do you ever have the memory of falling asleep to the dim, dreamy hum of adult voices? Sometimes the hum was comforting, other times it kept you awake with its worrisome din. Have you ever raised your voice in anger, or pitched it with righteous indignation? Was there ever a time in your life where you kept your voice as girlish and non-threatening as possible?
Our voices bear great power. If you will, we "paint" with our voices, setting a mood for our intents and purposes. I am reminded of this power when I walk into a classroom of children, all talking loudly. If I speak loudly in an attempt to settle them, their volume begins to rise to match mine. If I, with complete inner resolve, begin to quietly recite a story, a listening hush falls over the class. The same with my own children. The more emotional and out-of-control my tone of voice goes, the more theirs matches.
As a parent, we can indeed use the tone and timbre of our voices to communicate our wishes to our children, to offer comfort and invite dialogue, to save their lives, to bear acceptance. Our children can also tell when we "mean it" and when we don't. Parenting With Spirit calls this voice "the voice of God."
When I taught voice lessons, I worked with students on two things: breathing from your belly and then "connecting" that to your singing voice, and "singing from the heart", meaning singing with the feeling of free shoulders and an open chest. We do connect vocalization to our belly all the time, as is the case with a belly laugh, or a loud "Hey!" to stop a toddler from crossing the street.
The same goes for speaking from your heart...with loving resolve, connected to your "gut feelings" if you will.
I leave you with "Waking The Witch" from Kate Bush. Listen to those voices at the beginning....Oh, the pictures we paint with our voices...


  1. This is so good for me to remember. Thanks.

  2. "The voice of God." I like that. I call mine My Serious Voice. :)

  3. Reminder was needed. Thanks for the delivery dear lady. (This is Breedermama open id is being funky.) PS: In Rainbow's End today, Jon and I saw Da Balm and smiled and chuckled and said "That Ms. Angie!" Big love.


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