Friday, February 19, 2010

Felted Necklaces

Start with "jewels". We call them jewels, anyhow. You could also use any smooth, flat rock.
Begins wrapping the jewels with tufts of wool.
Keep wrapping.
Add another layer in another color.

A few wrapped jewels.
Now wet it, soap it....
Rub it, gently at first, using fingertips, and then with your whole hand. Feel it, go slow.
Massage them until they are firm.
Cut a hole and use thread to gather the edges.
Thread thick cord or elastic cording through a big-eye tapestry needle and wiggle it through the top, like so.
Tie up the ends, embellish with thread or beads(optional), and wear your felted necklace.
Felted stone pendant, embellished with beads. It reminds me of a geode.
Want to make one yourself? Great! Send me a picture...
Don't want to make one? Sweet! I might just have some in my Etsy shop....
These make great nursing necklaces!


  1. These are so beautiful. What a great idea.

  2. How neat! We love to play with wool around here and this would be a great project for the kids and I...thanks for sharing!

  3. Fun. My boys would enjoy making those. Thanks for the inspiration.


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