Saturday, January 30, 2010

What happened?

Dear Universe,
I am writing this overdone, rather trite letter, but it is for want of hope.
What have you done with my daughter? My sunny, chirpy, optimistic daughter has been taken by some unknown force and replaced by a secretive, sullen, monosyllabic someone. I know she is in the throes of being 15, and that can't always be easy. I don't like to walk on eggshells. I want to reach her and pull her back to me. (cue: The Story's So Much Mine)
So I took her to a movie last night. New Moon. Yes, I read the books...although I couldn't quite get through the last one, and barely got through the other 3, as I frequently muttered "This writing is terrible! I can't put it down!)
My favorite quote from the movie:
Edward: I lied. I had to lie, and you believe me so easily.
You can peruse other memorable quotes here.
But we got to get out and have some time together, and something to talk about.
And, a couple of loose ends to tie up. My mention of Waldorf in Louisville sadly and regretfully did not mention Byck Elementary, and said 15 year old went to school there in 4th and 5th grade. Byck is a public Waldorf magnet school. Now that's just cool!
Also, in the spring issue of Living Crafts you might see a familiar face, if all goes as planned. Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Deep breath. This too shall pass.

    I felt exactly the same way as you about the Twilight books: terrible writing! can't put it down! It was like driving past a road accident and feeling compelled to stare!

    I even bought the dvd of the first movie, but only because I love the soundtrack ;-)

  2. I loved the soundtrack to this movie too....very cool stuff!

  3. The whole time I was reading the series (yes, all four), I kept thinking "This woman had such a great idea. Why didn't someone edit her book?" Obviously it didn't hurt her bank account, but wouldn't good writing have helped even more? It's a compelling story.


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