Thursday, January 28, 2010

Waldorf Education in Louisville, KY

The Waldorf school I teach for is in a unique community. Of course, all Waldorf schools are varied and unique, but we have one very interesting and wonderful development here in Louisville. In addition to our small, private Waldorf school, there is a cadre of public school teachers who bring as much of Waldorf education as they can to their classes. It's quite inspiring, and I feel our school would not be what it is if not for them, and they, in turn, are influenced by our school.
Many of those in-the-trenches public school teachers take advantage of a  program started by Mary Goral, professor at Bellarmine University and author of "Transformational Teaching". The program she has designed is called Kentahten Teacher training, and is a master's degree program for teachers interested in Waldorf. The training involves creative study in anthroposophy, music, handwork, art, math, science, etc. Many of the teachers from our school also teach there.
I would also like to let you know about two other websites originating from Louisville. Waldorf in Louisville is a gem of a resource, started by a teacher who had 30 years' experience in public schools (most of her teaching was Waldorf-inspired) before she taught at our Waldorf school  for 5 years, and, also chock full of good information. You have to do some navigating but it is wandering you won't regret. And, stay tuned, for yours truly is very slowly adding to Waldorf Handwork.
I was feeling some hometown pride today, and feeling grateful for my little school and the community of kindreds surrounding it. Every school has its story, and our school has been part of my story for the past 8 years. It's the longest I've ever held any one job, so I'm pretty sure that I've found my place.

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