Saturday, January 2, 2010

Twisting THE List

So this year, I decided I am going to make a list of lists. I hope to post these lists on here, and it'll be fun and interesting to see how I come out at the end of next year.
I am going to group my intentions in lists. I am not making a list of resolutions, although some of these intentions will be met with great resolve and hope. My hope is, instead, to make a list of areas I need and desire to develop in myself, based on this list of Carolyn Myss's archetypes. I am fascinated by the meanings found in modern-day archetypes, because as we parent our children, we are presenting them their out our own stories. I wish to give a little more consciousness to my story, and feel a lot of that desire has everything to do with being a woman of 41.
Although I have not narrowed the archetypes I wish to address (there are so many!), I do wish to write about the following, and then assign archetypes to these themes:
Where I've been (see Sarah's lists)
Where I intend to creative ideas and plans...the idea-children
How I will care for my body
How I will improve my parenting, and continue to hone my observations skills
Developing deep relationships with women...something I feel I've had trouble with
nurturing my marriage, which has had its ups and mostly downs this year. I want to fix that.
creating and nurturing the physical space in my home
becoming the teacher I want to be
finding meaningful work through urban farming (backyard bees, gardening, dye garden, bunnies, herbs)

One of the things I wanted to call my personal plan was Hero of Sanctuary. (or sanctuary hero, heroes of sanctuary...not sure what has the nicest ring) Imagine my dismay when I googled "Heroes of Sanctuary" and found out it was a video game! Arggh!  Oh well, I am still going to keep the name for myself and apply it to happy home making in the light of personal development.

A couple of random things:
I joined NaBloPoMo.
We have been drinking this tea, a variation of an herbal combination given to me by my first midwife.
Take loose handfuls of *red raspberry, *chamomile, *nettles and combine. Make a decoction and keep it in the fridge to sip on through the winter. It helps keep you well. I added peppermint for taste and rosehips for vitamin C. I bet you could also add hibiscus and that would be lovely.

tomorrow, on to the lists!


  1. I love the idea of inspecting your life, your aspirations, through archetypes. I think that is absolutely inspired. I really look forward to reading your lists.

    Hero of the Sanctuary is a beautiful title.

  2. Love your "Hero of the Sanctuary" title too; I can't imagine the disappointment you felt to see it as a video game.

    Happy New Year!


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