Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Best

For one whole month I have blogged every day as part of NaBloPoMo. Now it has ended and the theme was "best", which I am just now getting around to. So, in celebration of committing to a thing and actually finishing it, I bring you my Sunday Best: a dress I made for the holidays for myself (it's a Vogue...not sure which one...I added sleeves. The fabric is a soft,classc gray, wale-less cotton corduroy) and GLOVES. Yes, I have decided I am in love with gloves. The ones in the picture were thrifted somewhere some time long forgotten. Someday, I will make the gloves from this Vogue magazine I received for Christmas a couple of years back. I am accessory-less and shoe-less. We like bare feet here in Kentucky.
And, in killing-two-birds-with-one-stone fashion, I will update you on how my One Small Change is going. It's going great! My change was going no-poo to save plastic bottles, and while I have shampooed my hair twice with shampoo that is already in the bottle I had, I have not bought a new bottle of shampoo. Also, I have made another small change and I am using cloth diapers at night. I had been using a paper diaper on Davis for the sake of sleep, but now we can survive the night with cloth only.

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