Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spinning My Wheels

I'm doing this. Get this...I'm going to take a plain skein of white yarn, and sew onto it to make my yarn. What am I going to sew onto yarn? Well, I am going to get the people of this house in on the act in a clever attempt to clean my floors and help any teenagers be mindful of throwing away their wrappers! So, I have asked each person in this house to notice what is on the floor, gather it in a basket, and I will sew these items onto my yarn. So far, I have gathered vaccuum-resistant pine needles, a newborn size baby sock, several candy and gum wrappers, ponytail holders, a yarn wrapper, a crumpled paper snowflake, and a feather. I'm going to collect things for the next two weeks and my yarn will be a true representation of domesticity in action. And it will raise awareness about what is underfoot. (But will they pick it up???)

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