Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spinning Magic

Lately I've been soothing myself at my spinning wheel. It isn't thedreamy white snow that coats the ground that turns me inward, because here it is all fog and rain. No, it is just a intuitive turning with the season. As soon as I sit down at the spinning wheel, my 6-year-old comes and asks me to wiggle her tooth. Yes! For the third time in my life, I get to witness the process of relentlessly wiggling out a first tooth, even as a big tooth marches right in to replace it. It is a magical time.
And to have it happen to a 6-year-old? Priceless. Six is "large and in charge." Serena the Six Year Old doesn't just shut the door, she SHUTS THE DOOR. She doesn't just laugh out loud. She LAUGHS OUT LOUD. She doesn't just stand and talk to you. She does it while jumping up and down. She doesn't want to be tickled a little. She wants to be tickled a LOT. HARD. And she doesn't just complain. She COMPLAINS. Her favorite gift for Christmas, she informs me, is the jumping ball with the handle on it. And, the zoo pass for her and Papa from Aunt Karen.
She recounts in exquisite detail the stories of her days, and then recounts them again to her grandmother on the phone, who is the most patient listener there is. She is happy to do her jobs when asked: taking out the compost and setting the table for dinner.
And she is very attached to her friends at school. She LOVES to play. Her friends at school have, of course, informed her of the Tooth Fairy. So, with all this wiggling comes much anticipation about when that tooth is going to come out, and what exactly the Tooth Fairy's role is in the whole process.Which we are making up as we go along.
And now, with the house dimming in the growing night, she sleeps. Her light is on, she is somewhere under a coccoon of heaped blankets, she is wrapped still closer in a fancy coat from her Mimi, her bare toes peeking out over the side of the bed. She is lovely, so beautiful while she sleeps, so unnaturally still. I kiss her dreaming eyes just one more time, before she grows one tiny bit bigger the next day.
I can hardly wait to see her toothless grin.

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