Saturday, January 16, 2010

Setting up indoor play spaces

We have had such beautiful weather these past couple of days, but the cold is coming. Perfect fodder for setting up simple, creative spaces for play. I'm in the mood to cleanse and be deliberate. So, here is my first attempt of the year at this...just one little shelf. I think it could be simplified further, but for now...the bowl of balls satisfies Davis's need to dump and fill, the groupings on the top shelf satisfy Serena's propensity for telling stories. The elephant...i made that in my handwork teacher training. Davis got to some of the animals already...but they're meant to be played with! Missing are the blocks I cut this summer...
Always evolving....on to the doll corner now.


  1. Very sweet space. I love to simplify!
    And love you backyard homestead dreams so so much!
    Hope we get to see the doll corner too!

  2. Amazing! I love your blog and I'm going to start following it. Inspirational. :)


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