Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Small Change

Yes, I, too, joined One Small Change and am late blogging about it. I was amazed to see how many folks have joined in...I think it's not too late!
My one small change is going to be to reduce my plastic consumption further by finally going no-poo. That is where you take care of your hair by natural means. I know there are several ways to do this, by alternating baking soda and vinegar rinses, or using a shampoo bar. Those are the ways I will try. Yet another habit to break! I'm not doing so bad right now, I'll go several days without shampooing but I admit I have used the shampoo I have a couple of times. However, I will not buy any more shampoo for myself. Renee at Heirloom Seasons also reminded me about sewing bulk bags, and I saw that the health food store also sells mesh bags to put produce in. I believe these would be easily sewn as well.
But my one change will be no shampoo. Alright, maybe toothpaste too...that's pretty easy to make as well.


  1. whoa-- No poo! I can not wait to hear how your month goes and what works and what doesn't. I bet you have the healthiest, shiniest hair for miles!

  2. keep us posted. i've been debating doing the same thing, but haven't gotten the guts yet.

    i've got a lot of hair and it must be tamed.

  3. I did this for quite a while and my hair looked really great. The vinegar is really good for it. I have psoriasis though and the baking soda became an irritant.
    best wishes...


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