Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29th

January 29th...and here I have blogged, every day, for almost a whole month. Today finds me quite tired, due to the force of a teething child. TWO teething children, if you will, if 6 year molars and emerging adult teeth count.
Doing this blogging project for a whole (almost- two more days to go!) month has been interesting. I felt I did tap into some writing energy, although I do not consider myself a writer. Poetry was something I did with my last boyfriend, but it is not something I do now. Maybe someday.
I found there is real power in documenting a month, in encouraging myself to be creative this way. It's been like bringing flower bulbs out of the refrigerator and into light and warmth. January is the ideal month since the year is new and this is the time you pin on all your hopes and plans. I also contemplate exactly what kind of person I am portraying here on this blog, and how my blog persona differs from my real-life persona. Dolly Parton, to me, is a good example of someone who is just genuine, all the time. She is so down to earth there is no need to put on airs. And, she will have you laughing in the meantime. I want to bring some of that Appalachian mountain woman authenticity to my blog, and indeed, it was the mountain women who were the original Queens of Making Do, making it yourself, and bringing brightness to some downright wretched circumstances.
I will take an idea from Kelli and leave you with this song from Dolly herself (I am recording it on my CD too- I am not ashamed of my love for Dolly Parton!)


  1. Angie! Did you see my recent post about Dolly Parton being Skye's big idol right now. Check it out!

  2. I love this, and I've always loved Dolly. Talk about authenticity..she has always been herself despite all the criticism (in fun?) that came her way. I used to sing this song to my grandmother when I was little. Poor grandma.

  3. I love Dolly Parton since I was an itty bitty girl. And since then this song has always made me cry. I adore her.


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