Friday, January 1, 2010

I'm Real!

Deanna at FunMama has awarded me with the Marie Antoinette award, for being real! Yippee! In fact, she did it so long ago that my fellow blogger friend already took the picture and "did it up". I liked it so that is the image I'm using.

Can I just say how much I love this..the idea of being real and honest? Because, truly, when you blog, you leave yourself lots of leeway for pretenses and putting on airs. And to be real is to be  But hey, why be anything less than you are any where you find yourself? Love, love, love.
So here is passing along the love, to people who put it all out there and tell it like it is, and who inspire us with ALL the reality of the day-to-day. Gotta admire that!
gypsy at domestically blissed
amy at These Are The Days(yes, I know someone else passed it along to you but you were the first person I thought of when contemplating the meaning behind this.You're pretty real, Amy!)
renee at Heirloom Seasons
cadi at MaeheGirl (it is hard to be a blogger and a Waldorf teacher at the same time...all those expectations!)
Mama Jude (it doesn't get much more real than plant-dyeing)
Jen at Shean Stories

Happy New Year, everyone! I am hoping to make this a blog week of lists, inspired by Stars in Her Fingernails.
***ooo...I forgot to put on two other very real people: Kelli and Leslie. I hope you both will take your "real" prize!


  1. The way you keep it real (but beautiful) is one of the things that attracts me to your weblog. :-)

  2. she picked a great person... right on with being real. way to go!

  3. Sarah and sarah, thank youfor your kind words...sarah, there is beauty in the struggle, my friend...if I don't believe that I will go crazy. Well, I still go crazy sometimes but it still helps to believe that!

  4. Yay - my first award! Who else gave this to me? I didn't know!

  5. Thanks, Angie!!! I will post about it as soon as I return from my blogging break.


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