Monday, January 11, 2010

The Handwork Report

First grade knitting. They are making "curly cats".

Second grade gnomes. Some are missing hats. Others are missing the "gear" that has been knitted for them: shoes, bags, even a skirt.

Third grade crochet. In progress: hats and flute cases. We will start a scarf with double and triple crochet next, followed by a crocheted doll.

Fourth grade handwork bags. The design reflects the use of the bag...see how the top is "open"? Darker colors are used for the bottom of the design, suggesting heaviness near the bottom. And, a cross-stitch in progress. These will be made into pincushions and their design complements their fraction studies nicely.

Fifth grade socks, top one in progress, bottom one of a pair. Some fifth graders are working on a hat with a cable-knit band.
I hope to have some of these patterns up on Waldorf Handwork tonight.


  1. Do the children make the hats with the ear flaps?

  2. Wow. I'm blown away. I can't even fathom being able to knit! Is that embroidery on the bags? I wish all schools did this - handwork goes so nicely with other subjects. Just like cooking goes so well with math, science, history, art. I hope my daughter is open to learning these things with me to complement school if I don't have the opportunity to homeschool

  3. I am really missing Waldorf in our life. Any chance we could open a Southern Indiana campus. . . ? I think there are enough of us over here now!

  4. Deanna, we don't make hats with ear flaps. At least not now! I do require that the children make their hats long enough to cover their ears, with few exceptions. there was a boy this year whose hat just evolved into a fit his personality for certain.
    I hope you will learn to knit!
    amy, there is charter school talk, but it is talk right now as far as I know.


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