Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An exciting new thing for me

There is a reason I have been doing so much making, and more about that later. In the meantime, please, please wish me luck and good will, for I am submitting a story/puppet project to Living Crafts. I have never done anything like that in my whole life of 41 years. Here is a picture of the main character:

I could not email a picture this morning pleading for detail-oriented pattern testers. If you would be interested in testing this very easy pattern, would you please email me? (Cadi...Renee...anyone else??? Cadi...this
would be easy for your second graders.) Happy Tuesday! It feels more like Monday!


  1. What an exciting project! I am going to be without the computer for a few days, but yes, perhaps I could knit one of those sweet little lambs. I will check back in when computer gets fixed.

  2. I second the "How exciting"! I will be avidly watching the blog to see how you fare but I know you will be successful! It sounds so interesting-- if you need a test knitter I am at your service! I have been looking all over for stories to knit up for little guys! What a great idea! And for a pattern to knit up color bags... GOOD LUCK!

  3. You are fulfilling my life dream of being a test knitter! Thanks!!! Will get back with you soon.


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