Sunday, January 10, 2010

Big college girl was readying herself to leave, back to her life of staying up all night studying (or not!)
Sudden panic gripped me as I realized that every combination of family picture had been taken over holiday break EXCEPT one of all the people who live in this house. I put out the call, for we had to hurry, and everyone (somewhat) cheerfully came to the picture, just as they were, no frills. So here is my family, our little blended family, but no one makes the distinction of half-sister around here.
Cheers for the New Year!


  1. what a lovely family you have! I miss so many opportunities for great family shots...I'm glad you got yours;)

  2. How great that you can do this! I love family photos. I've been trying to get a decent one with my family for years (parents, siblings, etc).

  3. What natural beauties there are in your family!


  4. And a right lovely one at that! Oh, and I just love your blog headers. You are an awesome artist!


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