Thursday, January 7, 2010

5: Hero of the Spirit's Sanctuary

To be a hero of my spirit's sanctuary, I will do what I can to grow my own creativity. That's all. I just want to play more. I don't want to make stuff just for the sake of making stuff.
To that end, the archetypes I relate to and work with concerning creativity are: artisan, inventor, critic, wounded healer, wise woman, and child.
And one task I am giving myself is to find time to paint, using this book as a guide. Every time I walk into the art store and there is a sale on canvases, I pick one up. I tease the cashier, "these are for my retirement." And I mean it, thinking I haven't the time/talent/ideas to paint. But why not paint now?
Well, thank you for witnessing this little journey down a stray path and allowing me the space to do it. I think it was good for me to set intentions like that, and I also give myself permission to flow and renege any time I feel like it. There are always options, yes?
I still hold these questions, and more: What are the archetypes of the modern day? What are the archetypal images children of the world are forming based on those? What stories are being told?
What archetypes do you relate to? (if you blog you are most certainly a networker!)

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  1. I like your darling new header! And I've enjoyed these sanctuary posts.


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