Monday, January 4, 2010

2:Hero of the Home Sanctuary

Anytime one attempts to identify with "hero", one must certainly evoke Warrior. I see Warrior as being strong and effective, efficient, and having the courage to make the best decision at the right time. So, for my home intentions this year, I have chosen the archetypes Warrior, Mother, Rebel, and Destroyer. Sounds dark, eh? Actually, I will tell you why I chose those archetypes as I narrow it down to my intended actions. Just for fun, you, dear reader, could go look at that list and see all the archetypes you realistically embody at home (crime fighter....mediator....rescuer...counselor...the list goes on and on).
Ok, so my intentions/themes this year are:
-To deal with clutter. To this end I must become the fierce warrior who guards the boundaries of this home and wisely discern between what should come in and what should go out. This is hard for a sentimental fool such as myself. Too much stuff saved, too much stuff to care for. I started by cleaning the basement. I will remind myself it is a work in progress. I will let myself destroy old habits and transform them into new ones. I feel doing this clearing, and not just half-assing my way through it like I have in the past, will help clear space to be more creative.
My plan for this is: 1) to clean as I go and not let the house get so messy I couldn't clean it up in 20 minutes' time. That gives me room to be a little messy, since it is important for me to not feel tied down by a sink of dirty dishes. 2) to read Simplicity Parenting and The Spiritual Tasks of the Homemaker for inspiration.
Oh, and for this task I must put my (inner)critic in her proper place. If I let her get out of hand, she shames the living daylights out of me. If I use her for good, she helps me see what areas need work.3) Come up with a plan to decorate. We've lived here 5 years and haven't painted. Our furniture has been given to us. So, I'd like to add a bit more of "us" in this house, and reflect my love of family and art, and Chance's love of movement. We are working to evolve spaces where one could dance, do yoga, move...and art and music projects lurk around every corner in this house. They need a touch of redirecting.
The rebel part comes just in paying attention to rhythm. Our culture has little tolerance for the gentle, natural rhythms of nature, much less for the innate rhythm of a woman. I will rebel against that and stand strong.
And of course, I will stand strong with loving arms as the Mother of this house. Again, I am striving to be a source of strength for my family. I have wounds and issues like so many others.
My Goddess for this day's theme is, of course, Hestia.


  1. I am really loving these words and thoughts that you are sharing these days! Not dark at all, you are acting out of such love and with such strength. I have too many comments/thoughts in my mind right now to write... happy homemaking stuff gets my mind going :)
    I'm sure I will come back and read this post again, for inspiration when I need it! Thank you!

  2. Wow, these words
    I must become the fierce warrior who guards the boundaries of this home and wisely discern between what should come in and what should go out.
    really speak to me. Very inspiring.
    I am also a "sentimental fool" who has a hard time getting rid of things and I've also come to the conclusion that the only solution which will work for me/my family is to be more careful about what we allow into our lives in the first place...and that applies not only to material "clutter" but to habits, people, activities or thoughts that clutter our lives and no longer serve us well.

    Best wishes with your intentions.


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