Tuesday, December 8, 2009


*I was going to post something else but I'm feeling chatty and wanted to show you this ornament I received last year. Is this not the funniest thing? . Check him (her?) out. Heels, lipstick, beard, and a third leg. Yes, I am a 7th grader in my humor.
*I also have a big old blog post simmering to update school happenings, more specifically, handwork. In my parent-child classes, we are crafting, and will be baking and painting.Our story is The Star Money (as suggested to me last year by our new kindy teacher....do we not just give and give as mothers? The story is a beautiful picture of the blessings of giving.) Our circle centers around the animals giving their gifts to the child of light. We are also having a winter spiral walk and potluck this week.
*I re-discovered Jonatha Brooke in her online journal. Her music got me through my divorce (14 years ago? I think) i want to read the book she mentions.
*Tomorrow I feel compelled to revisit a birth story. I cannot believe it: my baby, my beloved son, turns 1. So, I will write about his coming into being.
You will have to tell me what you think about Santa. A new name, perhaps?

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  1. Santa is so cute! He makes me want to laugh :-)


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