Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Me, cutting out pajama bottoms for Uncle Trey and Aunt Karen, who are engaged. Serena comes to me, assesses the situation, and says: "Maybe they can put on their matching pajama bottoms and have a party and spend the night in their jammies!"

Me at Christmas Eve mass, Brianna singing "O Holy Night" and positively sailing on the high notes, me, a mother who would sob more if she weren't in church, me, crying, with pride, happiness, I feel bittersweet.

Davis, holding a wrapped gift, grinning and laughing with joy. If he could speak, he would say "a box! I'm so happy! you got me a box!"

Madeline, coming downstairs on Christmas morning, seeing a gift she had asked for, and suddenly she is not 15 anymore, but a magical 6...all wonder and innocence.

Serena: "why don't we have 5 kids in our family, Momma? Like So-and-So?

Me: "Because kids are expensive. They cost a lot of money."
Serena, scoffing: "But you don't BUY BORN them!"
Me: "so true, so true!"


  1. I've been trying to convince my husband that kids aren't expensive for a while! Love the little snapshot snippets. So sweet.

  2. So lovely. It makes me think of Anne of Ingleside. :-)

  3. So innocent & so honest, love the random comments they make. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.


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