Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lucky Me, Lucky You

Once you get started blogging, you start to wind and wend your way among lots of people. There are all kinds of people out there...all kinds. It can really be a virtual New York City where everyone knits and spins and eats local food. It can feel a little isolating too and I need to really remind myself that there is a real world to engage in as well. Balance is the name of the game for me...I tend to really live into life's polarities.
But, one of the reasons I blog is to stay on a creative path and help myself organize myself. It works! Winding my way among all those blogs I learn things. And if I don't learn things, I come away with a sense of fellowship, or that I've been to the "house" of a kindred, or hope for the world. And sometimes I even leave comments!
Ah, comments. All bloggers love comments. I always think of my analogy of the 5 year-old bringing her finger painting to grandma. She wants grandma to say something.
Now, here in the blog world, comments can also mean winning something. Something cool. And I just wanted to let you know that, as someone who has never really won anything, I have had some luck with blogs. I just won this from between hitching posts. I also, some time ago, won a copy of Handmade Home from beauty that moves.  Lucky me!
Now, because it is in the netherworld of between Thanksgiving and Christmas around here, I am going to show my gratitude for all of you who take time to stop by this space, and have a holiday giveaway, and give back what I can. Included in the giveaway will be a cast paper horse ornament (I'll also be selling these on Friday here.), a 2 oz. tin of homemade, completely natural hand balm (people keep asking me for it so I make it every year-you will want and need this for your hands!) and a small journal with a thread painted cover (my header is a mixed media thread painting I did). From me to you, in the spirit of love and goodwill. Just leave a comment here and I'll announce a winner next Thursday. In the meantime, I will try to put up pictures of what I'm giving away so you have some idea.  Hopefully, lucky you!


  1. Ooooh, I will need that handbalm after working with cinnamon dough all afternoon today!

    I really enjoy this post. I love that you compared it to NYC, very clever!


  2. Balance... I'm trying to find it. I like life's polarities too. Handbalm... with Deladis we can always use that. :)

    Nice post.

  3. Your blog is lovely. I have never won a blog contest before. I like that your gift is hand made. Handbalm sounds great after all the hard work my hands go through each day.

  4. Handbalm sounds wonderful - I'm pouring far too much stuff on my eczema'd hands these days and I'm worried about the effects. And how lucky for you to win Handmade Home! I think I entered every drawing possible for that book.

  5. Oh pick me, pick me, pick me!!! The last thing I won was a black and white tv when I was 5 years old (31 years ago) at a Sherwin Williams Christmas Party (my dad was a painter) and you had to put your name in a pot, well I couldn't write very well, so I drew a Christmas scene on a postcard and tossed it in...and boom, I won the tv. The only thing I remember watching on that tv was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! ha.ha.
    So if I win, you can feel good about it. :-)

  6. Wow Angela, you have so many amazing artistic talents!

  7. Thank you so much for inviting me to read your blog! I wish Id known of it sooner. I miss you, KY and the school so much and this is just one more way for me to reconnect. :)

    oh.. and Im not sure I agree on comparing NYC.. that way waaay more scary than cyber world to

  8. Great post, I love your new header but i LOVED the last one with both of you... the mom & the artist. Congrats on you blog win! Great gifts. I would love to enter your give away! I have to do one before the yrs over....guess I'm really pushing my time!

  9. You are such a treasure, Angie. Thank you for sharing you. Since I was previously gifted with your AMAZING hand balm, I see if going to someone else, and I would LOVE to buy some - where can I get it?


  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Whas a sweet place you have creatd here!

  11. I would love to win your giveaway! (wouldn't we all?!)

    :) Missy

  12. Your right. But I did win a blog give away once. A zine on how to make a good blog.

    I love your blog. I also taught handwork and music at the Pasadena Waldorf school while my boys where there. I miss it. So I enjoy reading about all of your activities.
    Fay Lynn

  13. I haven't won a giveaway yet but I'd love some hand balm! I hope my lucky stars are shining brightly but if not please, please share how I can get some! Happy Holidays!


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