Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Davis!

The night before, at 16 days overdue, I had walked the Winter Spiral at our school. My inward whispers were desperate,pleading. Please come out, child. I had been pleading with him for some time now, my body had betrayed me as I tried herbs, castor oil, sex...everything you are supposed to try to get a baby out. Contractions would come and go, sometimes strong, sometimes not. Mostly just frustrating.
Madeline had been stubborn like that. She held out 3 and a half weeks and came out a plump ten pounds. I had previously given birth to a 7 lb. 11 oz. baby. I did not want to give birth to another ten pound baby, so I called my midwife and she helped me along a little bit.
The next evening, amidst the bickering and bantering of the dinner table, my contractions started up again. The clock said 5:15, 5:20, something like that. I didn't feel much like eating. The last thing I remember was Brianna saying, "I don't like you, Chance. You're never home." They ate, I puttered, called the midwife but told her I wasn't sure this was it, asked her to come check me whenever she thought she could. and went to the basement to put in a load of laundry. I had a doozy of a contraction down there, and that was the first time I felt I needed support.
Back upstairs, the contractions were strong enough to keep me from talking through. Chance called the midwife this time, and luckily, she was nearby. I was so far inside, coping with the contractions that were not coming at a leisurely swell and recede, but intense wave after wave after wave. With such little time, I really had to stay focused and centered. The midwife came, we set up the bedroom, I went to the bathroom and felt pushy. I moved into the bedroom, draped myself over the bed while kneeling, and started working with my body to push this child out. It was completely overwhelming and I was using all my inner resources to ease him out. At one point, the midwife said, "reach down and catch your baby!" This pulled me back into the room and I helped ease Davis's head out by pushing as gently as I could. The cord was around his neck, the midwife looped the cord over his head, and I pushed his body out. I don't remember whose hands were on him first. The older girls were upstairs but not in the room. Except for Serena.While we were admiring our newborn child, Chance kissed me on my bare shoulder. For some reason, this little detail is one of the most significant moments of the whole birthing hour. The time was 6:04, 6:05, something like that. Davis came barreling through indeed!
I began nursing him right away and we never had a problem. Everyone cleaned up and someone brought me food and drink. I was on such a high. Phone calls were made, Chance's parents and brother and girlfriend came over, my friend came was so wonderful to finally meet baby Davis. Everyone was so kind to us in the aftermath with food, gifts, and lovely hand-me-downs.

And now I've been in love with this child for a whole year.


  1. Great story! How lucky you were to have a home birth. And what a gorgeous wee guy! :-)

  2. Beautiful story! Happy B-day to you and Davis both. :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story with us. Beautiful picture! (and hooray for homebirths!)


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