Monday, December 7, 2009

Crafting A Weekend

Wool candle holder

Wool trees, the second one glitzed and glammed by the 6-year old.

Candle holders wrapped like the ones used for Martinmas (the ones with tissue paper and glue) only I used dyed silk strips (great use for worn out silks) and Mod Podge.

The cast I made from my own drawing, with the carving in process, and the final product: a Pegasus...wild and free and strong. And, the Pegasus horse is a symbol used here during the Kentucky Derby Festival, so there you have the aspect of debauchery too (that was supposed to be must come experience Derby sometime to know what I mean.) This is the horse ornament I'm giving away as mentioned in my prior post.
We made something else...something fast, easy, and something I will have to share later.
In the meantime, we are thoroughly enjoying Christmas Roses: Legends For Advent, and The Light in the Lantern. During the first week of Advent (the light of it was all about teeth around here. A six year molar is appearing and two more baby teeth appearing for Davis. Which is why I have not blogged! (let all moms with teething babies now commiserate, and lift your cup of coffee: cheers!)


  1. I love your wool candle holder! Curious as to how you did it. Just a felted bowl?
    We did some little tree wool crafts last week too. Nice to see some of your projects!

  2. beautiful writing. Hands are busy with work


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