Monday, November 16, 2009

Join the Dance

I just spend the weekend hooping. I know it sounds funny, like "I just spent the weekend playing bocce". But it was FUN. The teacher is trying to add elements of spirituality and calls it the hoop path.
For someone like me, who was, literally, always the last or next-to-last picked for teams in middle school, the dancing aspect was intimidating. I have trouble with any somatic memory, i.e. remembering sequences of movements...identifying and visualizing them in my body is hard. .I was never "in my body". I started running when I was 35, and did some yoga, and started to discover my body. It is so important to move. I have a heavy heart when I think of all the children in schools today who sit all day, (MY children), and are being deprived of bodily learning, who endure this cruel and unusual treatment of their young bodies. I had a more recess-friendly schooling, and still I suffer from all that sitting.
In this hoop workshop, the leader talked about being authentic and real and stripping away pretenses. Wow. I needed this message. I need to clear the BS. I need to move my body in ways that feel healthy and free. And so I am! I can hoop with my kids around...they like it. They hoop too. The learning is fast and while it helps to be a dancer, you don't HAVE to be. You simply have to move.


  1. I get the whole "it sounds kind of funny" aspect. Doing jazzercise for the past few months has gotten me in touch with a part of myself I've never known. I LOVE to move now! I get the runner's high that I've always heard people talk about, but I also get the emotional high of having a clear head for a while. I've also realized that even though I've never been a dancer, I want to dance as an emotional/spiritual outlet, so I am exploring possibilities in that realm. It's so good to FEEL your body, isn't it? I am loving it.

  2. I would love to hoop. I'm totally into it. For me the biggest element is getting over the embarrassment factor, accepting that I will probably end up throwing the hoop by accident more than once and that it is OK if that were to happen...also the time - I would need the time as well. Did you make your hoop?

  3. Oh yeah. We made hoops. Making hoops is almost as addictive as actually hooping. I am so excited. It's fun to be in a group of other hoopers...they seem like an eclectic bunch. There seem to be a lot of 40-something women, at least around here, and lots of different "kinds" of people, men and women, which is fun for me to see. Total eye candy...their bodies are so fluid. Then there are these undercurrents of burlesque-circus-yoga-new age. Count me in.


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