Friday, November 20, 2009

How the Boys Are Doing

I am a spinner. I am also a farmer at heart. Here in the city, sheep are out of the question. Well not technically because apparently you can have one large(r) livestock in your yard. And there are miniature breeds of sheep. Hmmmmm....I digress!
Honestly, I can't keep up with the bees and the dog and the cats, much less the kids that run through my yard. So it was only natural that two years ago, I would add to my list of creatures to keep up, I mean LOVE. The more, the merrier: enter our angora bucks, Buckwheat and Buckwhite. They have become our "therapy bunnies" (in the words of my friend). It's true, they nestle into your lap when you brush them. They are gentle and although they sometimes nip, they are never vicious and a good bunny brushing will calm you right down.
Now, the bunnies have been a source of endless drama this year. Their cage was not up to par, and I made the mistake of making the bunnies our dog's "job". It was her job to go fetch them when they escaped the cage, oh, every other day; this fact usually being ascertained with a baby in my arms, on my way to being late for work.
I soon discovered the fact that our dog, out of boredom, was creating work for herself by pushing her nose through the rabbit cage and letting them out. Several times I was seen running around the neighborhood, hunting rabbits with a look of sheer desperation on my face, and not wearing anything I'd be seen in public wearing, baby crying because I'd dropped him to go chase rabbits, Serena wanting breakfast.
Sometimes the rabbits would be gone a couple of days until we found them. I could never sleep with those rabbits loose. My first thought at 2 a.m was always, "Where are those rabbits?" Rabbits taunted me by running across my dreams. I could never catch them.

Needless to say, I had to purchase a new cage. Here they are in their new house. They have not escaped once. I can't blame them for wanting to leave. In this, a human baby year, I have not been a very good bunny mommy. But I'm coming out of the fog and brushing again.

And looking forward to some angora spinning.


  1. Wow! I remember when you first got those bunnies. I've been pondering a bunny for our little coop since we moved our chickens to the barn. Anyway, they make a great story. Animals crack me up... most of the time. The rest of the time (when up to antics) they make me shout "darn" words. hehe

  2. My girl is still talking about your bunnies. Every time she eats an apple, she asks if we can see the bunnies!


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