Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Handwork Bags

I am so excited. I did something organizational! I had to. Casting on a bunch of knitting projects is great, and starting knitting is even greater, and then having those projects kiss in the basket only leads to more kissing and codependent entanglement.
Yep, codependent! You see, those yarn balls had a history of addiction for sure. That's why they attract other addictive personalities to knit them together. Like me. And any knitting addict will justify their addiction, saying they have not lost their house or job because of it, and only had one teeny weeny little wreck while turning a heel in the car (while also driving). And if given the choice between a luscious Malabrigo and groceries, there is, admittedly, some waffling. One can always find enablers at the yarn store. Or Ravelry.
I'm not in denial. I'm powerless over my knitting addiction and I'm ok with that. I'm making amends to those who are neglected in the wake of my dreaming into the stitches. I'll plop a hat on their head when they least expect it and then they will forget all about the toast I promised  hours ago. Or the shopping trip I know I said I would do (Mall? Knit? Mall? Knit. No contest-sorry girls.But I will take my knitting to Starbucks with you and we can sit and chat)
And, to help get a handle on all this entanglement and denial, I made bags! yessiree, vintage pillowcases strung through with ribbon and packed with one knitting project each, its pattern and corresponding notions. Can't decide what to knit? Pick a bag and be surprised! Take it to go! No entanglements...we must now compartmentalize.
Alas, no pictures to see...camera/weather troubles...words will have to suffice today.
*oh, I forgot to tell you, Cadi is having a giveaway on her blog!!! You have to see these angels...*


  1. I agree, no need to be concerned about your addiction. I bet your pillowcase bags are super cute!

  2. You crack me up. I'll try not to hold it against you that you are leading my child into a lifetime of addition...everyone knows fingerknitting is a gateway drug!


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