Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Davis Report

What do you have a blog for if not to show how incredibly cute your children are and to proclaim your undying love and admiration for these little teachers? I am no different and so today I want to show off Davis. I have needed the perspective of years into romantic relationships to appreciate the love a mother feels for a child. There is, absolutely, nothing like it. I have been deeply in love with this child for almost a whole year! (I am in love with my older children, of course, but there is something special about baby love that needs to be savored.)
So, here he is in all his baby glory:


  1. he is adorable!! what a gorgeous smile.

  2. i know it's just all ushy gushy sweetness at that age isn't it?


  3. Oh for goodness sakes! He is so cute!! We should get our little guys together and revel in their adorableness. (is that a word...)


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