Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmastime is here

Well, not really. But seasonal music was found on the piano. Boxes were found in the basement. I find myself signing up for exchanges this year. I'm glad I've started some projects and we can plan ahead to have a proper advent this year. I think we are definitely going to record a Christmas CD again, although when will be the key since one of my strongest voices (Brianna, who is blossoming in college as we speak) is not a daily part of the household. When will we rehearse? Gad...
Just a short blog note...the holidays will be in full swing soon. I am taking to heart my own injunction to be a hero of sanctuary and hoping to create some healing, good memories, and hope this year.


  1. Where are you signing up for exchanges? I'd love to know & squeeze in one or two myself.

  2. Then I guess it is not too early to wish you many holiday blessings!

  3. Can't wait to hear more about this! We are working on not complicating our Christmas and advent ... somehow this is a time of year my Waldorf-guilt kicks in and I want to start crafting walnuts which is a high-end to nothing! But I am working on a list of what would make the season especially special for me and mine! Of course, we have summer Christmases, so lots of traditions don't fit!

  4. Cadi, I'm doing the nature table exchange (at right) and the traditions exchange ( have never done anything like that before. In a convoluted way, it's supposed to get me to clean my house (and therefore have room for a nature table and holiday fun)


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