Sunday, November 1, 2009


Things have been blustery around here. While the wind intermittently drives the leaves on their annual march around town, my life musters its own blustery marches. Like the mastitis that marched me right into bed Thursday night with fever, shaking, sore body, the whole thing. I took Friday off of school and felt better by afternoon. Or the blustery emotions of a 6-year-old who is constant in her demands and really marching against the boundaries I've set. I must be a chain link fence that the wind can pass through and not a wooden one....
and then there is the ever-lovely marital tension that has blustered through and I just don't want to get too far into that. Anyone who is or has been in a serious relationship knows that people move in and out of seasons with each other like everything else. The phlegmatic part of me hates conflict but the other parts of me don't hate it enough to become addicted to harmony. Sometimes pain is required to stretch and grow. What a bummer. I will keep the pictures of death in my heart...the falling leaves, the newly wind-shorn trees, the dull sky....these form the canvas for the next picture....a new blessed landscape that works better for the people in this one.

But, enough about all that. I did dress up as Frida and got some appreciative remarks. People stopped me to take my picture! I was delighted to see so many Frida fans. Except one person asked me if I was Mother Earth. Sure, why not.
I checked my blog today and was delighted that yet another of my friends has graced me with a blog award. These are so very nice and such a good way to spread the blog love. I am going to properly write about that this week. Thanks, Cadi!
So here is a picture of me as Frida. I must say, I had a great time. Serena was a little elephant. She has always been a little shy about trick or treating, which is just fine with me. Davis didn't go trick or treating but he came out partying with us later. But not too late...we all stayed up past our bedtimes. Maddie did the teenager thing and stayed at a friend's house (whose mom is an amazing artist...such eye candy at their house!)
We went trick or treating on this street that is decorated to the hilt. It's almost a Halloween museum and the neighbors collaborate and it's very creative and the news comes and camps out there all night. One of our friends that lives on the street counted 3000 trick or treaters at his house.
Do any of you have streets like that or are we just into Halloween here?


  1. hmmmmm. blustery leaves, blustery six year olds, blustery feelings, blustery spouses (oops, well at least no problems there)......
    and the dark hours are just beginning. i always try to remember this is the transitional time for new beginnings, so hoping you get there without too much struggle.

    and i love your costume, one of the women here dressed up as Frida as well, unibrow and all.

    i don't quite think red was Mother Nature's color, but who knows? you look great!

  2. First I must say, spitting image of Frida. Love the costume and can't wait to share this post with my sisters, they too LOVE Frida! We went to the Pittsburgh Museum of Art (8 hours away for me)about a year and half ago to actually see her amazing work and a wonderful collection of photographs. My little ladies know her and her art well too.

    Oh no, mastitis, is it chronic for you? I too suffered with it multiple times with both of my girls. Feels just like the flu but worse because of the breast pain! It really made breast feeding painful and difficult for me. I did everything I was supposed to, to prevent it, but it would keep coming back. However, I pushed through it knowing it was the best for them. Sleep, warm compresses, epsom salt baths, and lots of tea helped me through.

    I hope you are feeling better by now!


  3. Love your Frida costume! We didn't have that many trick or treaters where we were (Fern Creek) but I think Halloween in general is a big deal in Louisville. I used to get over 100 kids at a party I used to host when I worked at a bookstore. It was my biggest event of the year.


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