Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blog Love

Cadi, a dear friend who used to pass me in the halls of the Waldorf School of Louisville, and would often be my buddy when I desperately needed it, is a fellow Waldorf teacher and blogger, just way across the next state. She has gifted me with an award (drum roll please):

I am always surprised and honored when people read my blog, but then, when they say nice things about it, that's chocolate buttercream frosting.
So now, I get to pass this along to other bloggers I love. There are so many, and my theme is going to be friends old and new. Take the award as a token of my admiration. Of course, I'd love to give it back to Cadi too!
Here goes:
Kelli , who has inspired me with her gentle yet passionate writing about life in the mountains, and helps me reconnect with my upbringing. Despite the fact that she says she is impatient, I find her writing to be evident of an ability to slow down and effectively distill the barrage of words that comes when one writes. And, when I was a bit shy-er about blogging, she also gifted me with a blog award. I'm feeling "strong" enough to post it now:

Sara, a newly found friend who is living out my dream! She gives me hope that it can be done. And I can take farm life...I'm a Pragmatist.
Carle', yet another kindred living out my farm dream. Who can resists pictures of plant dyes, knitting, bees, and sheep?
Breedermama, who is another born writer. I pass her in the parking lot at school, and have the priveledge of teaching her son.
Under the Big Blue Sky, a new friend I am enjoying getting to know. Reading her blog feels familiar and cozy.
My Bohemia, someone I admire from afar and who is a yogi and a mom and a teacher.
Spiral Pathways, another yogi-maker-mom who I can't seem to leave comments for on her blog, but am sending out the good vibes for...and the award!
Katie, who is fun to read and I would love to keep up with her speed in knitting!
New jewels of blogs I have discovered are:  Gardenmama (you should check out her giveaway! Right now!) Sarah, (beautiful, inspiring writing) Holistic Mum (she is unafraid to provoke thought.) Heirloom Seasons, Anthromama, Luna, 5orangepotatoes, and BeeHouse Hives.

I feel I am still finding my "tribe" on this blogging path, but it feels good to know that kindred spirits abound and I look forward to learning with and about this community. There are oh so many more on my blogroll. It's hard to keep that list short!
 Thank you Cadi!


  1. Thank you! I love your blog, your honesty shines through in every post. We have to meet up some time!

  2. Thank you so very much! You are so sweet to pass this on to me!

  3. You certainly deserve the awards! I enjoy your blog very much, and am excited about the new handwork one too. Thanks for all you share here, despite the bit of shyness. (I have that too!)

  4. Thank you sweet lady! For the award and for bringing the beauty of creation into my boy's life every week. He was so very PROUD of his doll! He has shown it to everyone. Thank you for spreading that joy. (PS: He is stoked about using knitting needles...stoked I tell you.)

  5. Well deserved! I'm so tickled by including me in your list of "jewels!" Thank you.

    I love that you are recording a Christmas CD, hopefully you will be able to get your daughter home to practice. I remember those crazy college schedules!


  6. Oh, thanks so much. I'm blushing. I have just gotten the chance to take a look and get back to you. There is so so much going on. You have a gorgeous blog, and you deserved this award. Thank you for passing it on to me.

  7. so did i really not respond to this? i am so sorry. i am just now playing catch up.

    thanks for your kind words. i am so glad to have found you too!


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