Thursday, October 15, 2009

Whole Lotta Repurposin' Goin' On

First, you must know that my husband is a bodyworker, a Rolfer to be exact. He has extolled the virtues of moving your body and to that end, has brought plenty of props into our home. One of those most-used props is the exercise ball. We have several different sizes and several of them have "bitten the dust" and popped like a balloon.
Before I go on, you must also know that my husband and I met at a restaurant, while he was on a date and I was not. I knew the girl he was with, and we started talking, and Chance found out I taught voice lessons. He asked me if I could teach him to "throw" his voice, you know, ventriloquism. I just looked at him or laughed awkwardly, I don't remember. I think he eventually found out I taught singing.
Well, imagine my complete surprise when he brought a ball to me and said not to throw it away. We messies always marry someone neat who know how to throw stuff away.  But, imagine my lack of surprise when he brought a deflated ball to me and asked if I could make a pair of shoes with it. If he thinks I can "throw" my voice (all moms can, of course!) then surely I can make shoes out of anything. For two years I have contemplated what to do with my husband's suggestion and now I present to new slippers!

The tops are an old wool blanket, and lined with organic flannel. The bottoms exercise ball! The cut-up ball totally sewed like a dream on my sewing machine with a size 16 leather needle.They are not exactly finished but I couldn't wait to wear them. Exercise balls make perfect soles.

Tomorrow, another repurpose job that we LOVE by my future sister-in-law!

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  1. Those are so cool! I just picked up 'Eco-crafting' at the library and your slippers would have made an awesome addition to that book! This winter, I plan on repurposing some shrunken wool sweaters into a rug by knitting strips of the sweaters together.


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